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Below are a variety of the most common asked questions.

Anto Bespoke

How long does it take to receive my shirt?

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For first time clients, the entire process typically takes 4-5 weeks for your order to be completed. During that time we will work extensively with you to ensure the perfect fit of your Anto shirt. Once we have your measurements with us, and the fit is perfected, the process is much quicker.

Is there a minimum order for a first time purchase?

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Yes, Anto Bespoke has a minimum order of three shirts for a first time purchase.

What is the starting price for a shirt?

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The starting price for an Anto Bespoke shirt is $425.

How do I take care of my shirts?

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If you send your shirts out for laundering, please specify no starch and no machine press. We advise you to have your shirt hand pressed. If you are washing the shirts at home make sure to turn the shirts inside out to protect against fading or damaging the surface. For more information please visit our shirt care page.

Will my shirt ever shrink?

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The body of an Anto shirt does not shrink. However, depending on how the shirt is washed and pressed the collar and cuff may shrink up to half an inch.

Where are Anto shirts made?

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All of our shirts and related products are created at our factory in Los Angeles, California.

Will my measurements be filed for future orders?

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Yes, your measurements, along with all all your orders, will be stored with us for future reference.


How long does it take to ship my bespoke shirt?

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Anto Bespoke shirts tpyically take 4-5 weeks to ship.

Can I pick up my order in-store?

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Yes, you may pick up your order at our showroom or factory locations. Please make sure you specify the location when you initially place your order with us.

How do I track an existing order?

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Once your order has shipped, we can provide you with a tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?

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Yes, we ship internationally. If you have specific questions of your current location please contact us for more information.

Adjustments and Returns

What is your return policy for Anto Bespoke?

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Anto Bespoke shirts and other customized products are final sale items. However, we will extensively with you to achieve the perfect fit in every situation.

Can I request an adjustment for my shirt?

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We will gladly make any adjustments to your first shirt order, accounting for any size, style, or fabric changes you see fit.

What is your return policy for Gift Certificates?

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An Anto Gift Certificate is a final sale item.

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